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Incident Goes Viral at Pittsburgh Improv with Mike Epps

Makeup artist, comedian, and social media sensation Norman Freeman recently posted a video via Instagram and Facebook from an occurrence at the Pittsburgh Improv, on December 4, 2016. Reportedly, nationally known comedian + actor; Mike Epps was in the city of Pittsburgh to do a series of standup comedy events at the Pittsburgh Improv, during the weekend of December 2-4. The entire show line up was sold out. The city came out in support of the actor, Mike Epps. However, on his last scheduled show; the show ended with a show down where Pittsburgh native, Norman Freeman and Mike Epps seemed to have had a big misunderstanding. According to Norman Freeman, he says he attempted to take a photo with the movie star, and Epps denied to take the photo with him due to the fact that he is a gay man. And not only did Epps deny the photo, but tension also grew quickly as Freeman continued to stand up for himself and give Epps a few choice words. Reportedly Freeman said, "You homophob. You won't even take a picture with me because I'm gay. It's alright, because I'm viral too." This led to Norman being thrown out of the venue by security guards. Since the happening, Norman has posted the videos of the occurrence via social media. One video was provided by a spectator who watched the entire incident take place. The footage quickly went viral with thousands of views and hundreds of comments. According to Freeman, The Friday actor also joked with him publicly throughout the show about him behind a gay man. Mike Epps has yet to comment in reference to this incident.

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