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Beauty Blogger @ULoveMegz, Talks About Her Career Journey

Megan Lytle, better known as ULOVEMEGZ is truly one of a kind. She has helped millions of women throughout the world, providing them with the latest and greatest hair, makeup, and beauty tips.

Megan started wearing makeup, and producing web cam videos some years ago. At the age of 19, Megan's father inspired her to follow her dreams. Megan has always possessed a deep appreciation for all things creative. As a child, she discovered her interest in art and fashion.

Over time her passions grew more sophisticated in the area of beauty. Armed with a craving for cosmetics, she began experimenting with colors and technique. Understanding that its all about "the complete look," this prompted her to take better care of her hair and navigating her personal healthy hair care journey. The more she practiced, the more attention she began to gain within the social media community.

By popular demand, women of all ages began to motivate Megan to produce Youtube video tutorials. Years later, @ulovemegz is in popular demand and has millions of Youtube subscribers and tons of followers on social media sites.

Megan is looking forward to the future by helping her followers achieve their beauty and personal goals. She strives to utilize her personal journey as a platform to inspire, encourage, and empower women for generations to come!

Megan is a beauty that truly took social media by storm. Providing women with the inside scoop with what's hot, and what's not... what in and what's out in the world of fashion and makeup. Be sure to follow @ULoveMegz. It's a must!

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