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NY Rapper, Kiyanne Talks About Her Life & Musical Journey.

New York rapper, Kiyanne is a female lyrical genius that instantly made the internet go insane when she began to display her musical gifts.

With practically 300K followers to date, on Instagram alone, people are eager to hear what rhymes she's going to spit next!

The social media audience quickly gravitated towards her. And hip hop fans were hooked. Kiyanne says she wasn't too surprised by how social media took such liking to her.

"No I wasn't surprised because I've always been well received in anything I do by the grace of God, but I was surprised how fast so many people learned of my existence. The internet is crazy," Kiyanne said.

She also mentioned how she began writing songs when she was younger.

"As a little kid I would always make up songs. The first time I went to the studio, I was 15 and trash lol but I found myself musically like 5 years later better late than never right?" Kiyanne said.

During the interview she explained how she doesn't have an ultimate favorite artist, but does mention how she respects artist such as; J-Cole.

She said, "I don't have a favorite but artists like J Cole - being able to have strangers relate to you cause you've found a unique way to express how THEY feel is a true gift aside from rap that's for entertainment purposes."

@therealkiyanne says she is currently focused on revamping her brand. "I'm more concerned about reinventing myself revamping my brand and re-entering the game with a new yet familiar approach," she said.

And she is not yet ready to open up about signing to any record labels at this time.

Kiyanne said, "I plead the fifth. That's my right as an American right? Or did Trump f*** that up too?"

On YouTube the young female rapper keeps bringing the heat, and her music visuals keep doing numbers. Her latest 'Couple B******' freestyle went viral!

Kiyanne also opened up about the recent birth of her son, and says how it was her most prized memorable moment of 2016.

"Giving birth to my son was my best moment this past year. Many don't know that I was pregnant in addition to being absent due to Orthognathic surgery - he's the homie - but I appreciate your interest in interviewing me can't wait for you and the rest of the world to witness what's coming from my camp - it's #killemkiy til they all dead. The problem child," Kiyanne said.

If your not already, make sure you follow @therralkiyanne on Instagram. She's a must follow! And be sure to check her videos on YouTube.

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