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Press Pass With Paige, Surprise Backstage!

In the world of journalism and providing media coverage for a plethora of events, it’s not uncommon to run into all sorts of exciting surprises.

One weekend I was providing media coverage for a fashion show taking place in the city of Pittsburgh. Hundreds of people came out to attend the red carpet fashion affair. It was a very nice event, and I was especially excited because I had an interview set up with Basketball Wives, Reality Television Star DJ Duffey. DJ Duffey was the host of the show, and we had arranged to conduct the interview backstage towards the end of the event.

As attending the fashion show, I sat in the audience, took notes, pictures, and video; while also enjoying the show. As the show began to come to an end, and they were down to the last two segments of the show; my partner and I were invited backstage to meet DJ Duffey.

As him and I went backstage to prepare for the interview, the very moment we pulled the curtain back we entered the most awkward situation!

We went from the audience to entering a swamp of naked male and female models! I instantly turned back around attempting to leave while covering my partner’s eyes. I felt terrible. I felt as if we were violating their personal space (lol). I even saw a woman’s nipple piercings. I completely forgot where we were, and did not make the correlation that we were at a fashion show with models.

This was definitely a backstage surprise! As a journalist, it’s important to be ready for it all.

Not to mention, we successfully got the interview!

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