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“ReFocus” Women’s Conference.

Commission Baptist Church of Pittsburgh recently held their “ReFocus” Women’s Conference at Propel Northside Charter School. The conference began during the evening of Friday March 31st at 6:00pm until 9:30pm, and the conference continued Saturday April 1, 2017 from 9:00am until 6:00pm.

The women’s conference was coordinated by Reverend Dolores J. Thrower and Pastor of Commission Baptist Church; Walter C. Butler.

The church highlighted many different pastors and ministry leaders throughout the conference; Rev. April Roebuck, Pastor June Jeffries, Pastor J.E. Gamble, Rev. Nathaniel Brown, Minister Sharon M., and Rev. Rochelle Oaks.

The women’s conference was entitled “ReFocus” Romans 8.5. Commission Baptist Church saw it fit to gear the conference around the reenergizing women and disciples of the Lord.

Coordinator, Dolores J. Thrower said, “Life will truly beat you up if you allow it to, but it is important that we stay in tune with God, and keep our eyes fixed on him. I know It’s easy to become weary in well-doing and wanting to give up. I’ve been there! And that’s why I wanted to entitle this conference, Refocus. Sometimes we need a reminder to not give up, and focus on the word of the Lord.”

Breakfast, lunch, vendors, line dancing, and child care was provided for the attendees of the conference.

Not to mention the 2-day event was free!

Vendors such as Three Rivers Adoption Council, Farmers Insurance, Jewelry, Dannie Maries’ Service Coordinators by TLM LLC, Paycation Vacation, In God’s Hands Catering, and more!

People from different churches and neighborhoods came out in support of Commission Baptist Church of Pittsburgh. Pastor Walter C. Butler closed out with a sermon, and heart wrenching word at the conclusion of the conference.

Melzetta Butler said, “It was a powerful experience!”

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