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Press Pass with Paige> Backstage with Wale!

Life is a beautiful thing! One of the most beautiful aspects of life is Mother Nature. Don't you just love the sun, the trees, the cool breeze, watching the sun set, or the ocean's waves. Sometimes you have to take a second to really enjoy life and what the world gives us every day. But on the other side of the coin, Mother Nature has a way of ruining plans when women get monthly cramps, or when you want to sit outside by the pool but you can't because your allergies are causing you to suffer with itchy eyes and an irritated throat. Or maybe when your in the middle of performing live during a show and that good ole 'Cracker Barrel' you ate, sneaks up on you and causes you to run to the bathroom ASAP. Well that's what happened with famous rapper, Wale. Wale had a show in Pittsburgh, Pa. Wednesday May 24, 2017 at Stage AE. He put on a heck of an act, and performed many of his greatest hits. The crowd loved it! But what many fans don't know is that, Wale ran straight to the restroom to handle his business (#2) after the show (lol). Wale had myself and WAMO 100.1 Radio Personality, Portia Foxx waiting for him to get finished for 20 minutes! We all laughed in the hallway as we anxiously waited. I thought to myself... am I going to need air freshener when we walk into his room backstage? (Ha Ha) It was hilarious. In the end, we got a great interview and Wale was a great sport. He made up for the time we waited because we spent an hour with him for the interview and Meet and Greet. Definitely a night to remember. Let this be a lesson that the bubble guts is something you cannot ignore.  

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