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Media Magic with Arielle, Who Works for HBO Hit Show 'Insecure.'

First off, who is ready for the second season of HBO hit show, Insecure? (Jumping up and down, while raising both hands) I can say that I definitely am! Issa Rae has been on the radar since she took YouTube by storm with her former web series, Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl; and the rest has been history. Issa Rae is the definition of Black Girl Magic and if you do not know her, it's time to get familiar! We are now a month away from the premiere of Insecure's second season, and we had the opportunity to interview with one of the round table writers for Insecure, @Arielle_noel. Arielle said, "We work non stop and the hours are worth it in the end. The new season starts in one month, and I can tell you that it is going to be great!" Like myself, Arielle is a Lincoln University and proud HBCU Alumni and since graduating she has been on the grind within the fast pace world of communications. "Since graduating from Lincoln University it took me about one year to start my true journey in the communications field. I always knew I wanted to work in film, but wasn't sure if I was more interested in television or movies. Entertainment Studios gave me the opportunity to work in television, as a Production Assistant for five court shows. I worked on Judge Mablean, Judge Hatchett, Judge Ross, Judge Karen, and Judge Cristina Perez shows at the same time. I was promoted to an Associate Producer within the company and wrote court cases for each show. This position is where I realized I wanted to produce and write, and how I made the decision to further pursue my career in television," Arielle said. After her experience with television, her vision became clear with wanting to further pursue writing for television. She later received word that the show runner of Insecure was hiring an assistant from her mentor, and she immediately submitted her resume. Arielle said, "The show runner of the show Insecure was looking for an assistant and writers pa for the next season. My amazing mentor gave me the opportunity to interview with him and that is how I got the position I am currently in. My journey continues within the communications field, and I am very blessed for the positions that I have held so far. It is a great feeling to be on such an amazing show. Insecure shows the black community in a very real and positive way." Arielle also opened up about how blessed she feels to work side by side with Issa Rae. "Honestly, she is very inspiring. There aren't a lot of black women who write, produce, and star in their own shows. I feel like she allows black women to shine in all aspects of film. In this industry we don't see a lot of ourselves in the top positions, but on this show I have the opportunity to watch so many awesome black women in different fields. From the directors to our wardrobe person, i can say that black women rock on this set," she said. I am so proud of Arielle and it's so exciting to be a true fan of what she is a part of. Continue to inspire and shine! "I have learned so much from this experience. The last show I was on had a much smaller production crew, and on this show it is triple that if not more. It takes a lot of different departments to get this done, and each department is important. This experience has taught me that every person in production is important to the success of the show, and no job is to small,"'Arielle said.

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