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Press Pass With Paige> He Stood Me Up! Dating Nightmares.

The single life. Some love it, some hate it, some can't wait until it's over (lol). The thing I like about being "single" is the individual opportunity to grow, live, learn, and be you all by yourself. So many times we often find ourselves wrapped up in the ways of the world, and the pressure to move on quickly. I however, feel that it is important to "Do You" (let me explain) meaning; get to know yourself better and fall in love with yourself by yourself! But... let's be honest. Most people enjoy being single because it affords them the opportunity to date. Yes, that's right. Date around and swim with some other fish in the sea. But dating can sometimes be doozie (lol). So here is a funny, bad date story! A young anonymous woman meets this guy at her local gym. He is tall, dark, and handsome. They exchange in some small talk and decide to exchange numbers. The same day, the two engage in conversation via text. The conversation seemed to have gone so well that the two decided to link up for a date two days after exchanging the digits. The young man picks her up around 8:00pm from her residence, and takes her to a five star seafood restaurant in the heart of the city. Everything seemed picture perfect. But I'm sure you've heard the saying; if it sounds too good to be true. It probably is. Conversation went well, chemistry was on a thousand, and to make matters better he did not look at his phone the entire time. The two bask in each other's presence for two hours, and finally decide to close the tab. The waitress returns with the bill and hands it directly to the handsome gentlemen. He looks at the bill confidently and then pulls out his wallet to use his credit card. The waitress takes the bill and card to make the payment. As the waitress is away, the charming fellow excuses himself from the table to use the restroom. The waitress returns with an unpleasant look on her face. She says, "I'm sorry ma'am but Mr. Henry's card didn't go through." I looked up in shock. Not because the card declined but because of the name she used. He told me his last name was Robinson. I was confused. I then said, " Well we apologize for the mishap. Mr. Henry will be back shortly from the restroom and we can use another form of payment." She said ok and walked away. I sat at the table and waited for his return for 15 minutes. I started to get worried so I decided to call his cell phone and he didn't answer. That's when I decided to ask a waiter to check in the bathroom for him. By this time it had been practically 30 minutes. The waiter came back to the table and told me that no one was in the bathroom. That's when I realized... I had been stood up on the bill! The smooth criminal had disappeared into the moonlight and left me to pay a $200.00 bill and catch a cab back home. Not to mention his credit card was stolen and maxed out. What a crazy date experience!  

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