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Press Pass w/ Paige> Me + Working Out= Bad Idea!

I know it's July. Meaning, it's Summer time. It's time to drive nice whips, pose for flicks, and take trips... blah blah blah. Yeah, I get it. I'm from Pittsburgh, so this season pretty much last for about three months and then it's back to being cold and turning on the space heater. But before Summer officially arrives, all we hear is people taking about "gym life" and how they're determined to get their bodies in shape for the Summer. Welp, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ummmm I don't like to work out. I'll do it. I'll hit the gym maybe once or twice a week, but I don't enjoy the gym at all. I much rather enjoy laying in bed while eating cookies, milk, and hot wings. I'm sorry. I'm just being honest. But... like I said. I'll go. I look at working out like people view their jobs. They'll go, they'll show up, collect the benefits; but that doesn't mean they want to be there. Right? So I'm in my truth, honesty really is the best policy. We need to be honest. We need to stop acting like we are perfect and "doing it for the gram" all the time. Because your photos can potentially get you caught up in the future. What do you mean Paige? I'm glad you asked. Looking at my photos on Instagram I probably seem like I care about health and being healthy. I weigh about 130 lbs. I have no muscle definition, but my shape isn't horrible. Everything I have, God gave it to me. I'm not athletic or in the gym all like that. When I cheered and ran track in High School, I only did it to hang with my friends and check out the cute guys. But my unhealthy- unathletic lifestyle unraveled when I went to work out with a guy a liked. I had on a super cute pink and purple workout outfit. I was here for it y'all. We started off walking around the block, then walking went to jogging, and jogging turned into running. I lie to you not. About two minutes into running, we made a right turn and he started heading up hill. My heart started beating so fast. My head started spinning. I couldn't keep up. I suddenly came to an abrupt stop and threw up! I really threw up guys. Right in the street (smh). Right in front of the tall brown handsome shirtless cutie. So embarrassing right? I tried to keep up, but I couldn't hang. And got sick. So now I'm living in my truth and saying I do not like to exercise (lol). Accept me as I am.  

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