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23-Year-Old Nathan Lands His Product on WalMart Shelves!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Who knew a brilliant invention would be born on a rainy typical evening, hanging out with the family. Well that is exactly what happened with, Nathan C. Faila. Nathan is now the CEO and Founder of newest hair wonder, POCKET GEL! "The day PocketGel was created was at the end of September 2015. I lived in South Side during this time and I was meeting my family out to dinner at the Haufbrauhause. That evening it was pouring down rain, and I told my roommate how there was no point of styling my hair because by the time I got there my hair would be a mess anyways. I told him I wish I could bring a small packet of hair gel with me so when I get there I could fix my hair in the bathroom. That is what sparked the idea! The next day I got aluminum foil and wrapped up some hair gel in it and would use those after my work out at the gym! In that moment PocketGel was born," Nathan said during our interview. So I'm sure you're wandering what exactly PocketGel is by now. PocketGel is a product that was created for hair. It is used for hair styling purposes, and small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. PocketGel is also a product that can be used on all sorts of hair textures for male or female. Nathan said, "It is a styling product that can be applied at home, or on the go such as; at the gym or going on vacation. There is enough product in each packet for the person to use all the product in one sitting or just use what is necessary, and in that way a packet can be used for 2 or 3 days. The packets are extremely convenient that can be carried in anything from a purse/wallet/ gym bag, with all that is necessary is tearing off the top of the packet and squeeze the necessary amount needed out. Currently we only have one type of hair gel, however by the end of this year we will have Hair Gel, Pomade, and Fiber Pomade. We plan on offering different kinds of products besides hair styling products in 2018 and beyond. Some products are geared to be used by both men and others by women depending on their unique hair styling needs." PocketGel has been an instant hit! So much that Nathan's product has been picked up by select Walmart locations. " I currently have gotten into 500 Walmart stores. I got into those stores by presenting to a Walmart buyer at Walmart’s annual Open Call event in Arkansas at the end of June. The Open Call is an event Walmart has in order for them to get more USA made goods in their stores and to encourage USA job growth. We are currently actively pursing to be in other retail stores as well," Nathan said. Nathan is on his way! And get this... he is only 23 and from Pittsburgh! He says the first thing he wants to do when he officially hits the jackpot, is take his entire family to Europe or a tropical island. Nathan said, "Something else I would add is in being a young Entrepreneur I see a lot of my friends and other people having great ideas, but almost no one actively pursues those ideas and dreams. I would love to be in inspiration to people, especially young people, in the future so they will pursue their dreams and goals and take more risks in their lives instead of working their 9-5 jobs." Support this young man, and purchase PocketGel when you see it on the shelves, and remember dreams really do come true!  

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