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Media Magic w/ Issa Rae!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Can we take it back for a second, and acknowledge the root of the hit television show, Insecure and thank Issa Rae for 'The Mis-Adventures of Black Awkward Girl.' Yes, the world is in love with the show, Insecure and Issa Rae right now. But all the real Issa Rae fans know that none of this would be possible without the original YouTube web series, Black Awkward Girl. I started watching her sitcom sketch comedy series on YouTube during my sophomore year of college at Lincoln University. A couple college friends told me about it, so one night I decided to give her show a try. Once I watched the first episode, I was instantly hooked! I laughed so hard the entire season! I have been following this woman's career ever since. Her YouTube series was such a hit, that she was picked up by notable celebrity icons such as; Pharrell Williams. So seeing her in all of her success today is truly amazing. Issa is not only talented and extremely funny, but also loyal. She did not get the typical Hollywood attitude, and leave her friends behind. She brought many of the cast members from her YouTube series along with her on Insecure and to the television screen. I not only admire this woman because of her beauty and talent, but most importantly because she makes being a regular goofy Black +Brown woman seem super cool. Salute to all the Black Awkward Girls! From the computer screen, to best selling author, to the big screen! Cheers to signing to season 3.  

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