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Press Pass w/ Paige> No More Throwing Surprise Parties!

By: Paige K. Mitchell No More Surprise Birthday Parties! Was what my best friend Brittany said at the last surprise cook-out her family and friends attempted to throw for her (lol). Surprises are one of those funny things that people seem to either love or hate. I believe the people that say they don't like surprises, share similar stories with my friend Brittany. Keep reading to find out why... Brittanys mother would always want to throw her a big birthday bash cook-out every year. Her birthday is in the summer time, so it was the perfect time of year to grille some ribs, bake a cake, and have some fun! Her family was also big on cookouts. It was a family tradition. But this particular surprise cookout was one I will not forget. Her mother and I began planning the party a couple weeks prior. I contacted all the friends from school and agreed to help out with decorations and desserts. Everything was going as planned. Everyone had it marked on their calendar to come out and show Brittany love on her birthday. And to my knowledge, she had no idea that we were planning the surprise. So the day of the party arrives. I was tired because I was up late the night before baking cookies for the party. I drive over to her parents house, and that's when the plans fell apart. Friends from school showed up too early, Brittany was at home before she was supposed to be, she spotted people outside and familiar cars. We didn't even get the opportunity to decorate because she was home (lol). The whole plan ended up being a complete bust! Not to mention I don't even think she wanted to celebrate at the house, she wanted to do something else (OMG). After trying to play it off, I turned and looked at her and said "SURPRISE!" She looked at me and her parents, and said "No More Surprise Cookouts!" (Ha Ha Ha) We haven't thrown any cookouts since. We will do better next time Brittany (lol). Happy Birthday Brittany !  

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