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Miracle at Macedonia !

By: Paige K. Mitchell A true miracle took place at Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh on yesterday night. The entire church family and attendees were in for a treat on the night of Wednesday August 23, 2017 because popular gospel artist, Travis Greene and Michelle Williams made a surprise appearance during worship service in honor of Pastor Brian Edmond's 5th year anniversary. Pastor Brian had no idea the dynamic duo was preparing to hit the stage, and take the worship service to a whole new level! The church was packed from wall to wall, including the balcony as the church family enjoyed the encounter of a lifetime. Travis Greene sang all his most popular and touching songs. Brother Marlon said, "I can't even describe the atmosphere tonight. It was definitely a move from God. I loved it! Hearts were lifted." Pastor Chad Johnson was also in the house, and graced the house of the lord with his presence accompanied by Michelle Williams. "Beautiful night and surprise with amazing folks. More to come. God bless you," Pastor Chad said. First Lady Dionne Edmonds said, "I can't even put into words what we experienced last night. All I can say is that I'm thankful. Thankful to be a part of such an amazing church. Thankful for the shift that is taking place. And so thankful to all the Macedonia staff and volunteers." The worship concert ended in prayer. Surprise Pastor Brian! Your church truly loves you. "I got got! Who knew Travis Greene was in building, on the same stage in which I preach the gospel on each week. He worshipped, preached, and then led us into the throne room. And then even Michelle came in and joined the party," Pastor Brian said.  

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