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Being Killed on a TV Show Kinda Feels Like Getting Fired! #Power

By: Paige K. Mitchell 15-year-old Donshea Hopkins, otherwise known as Raina St. Patrick from HBO hit show, 'Power' sits with The Breakfast Club to talk about her television experience. Donshea says she always knew she wanted to be on television. It has been a dream of hers since the early age of 3. She also expressed how she also sings and raps. Donshea landed the role of Raina after her agent set up an audition, and a week later they called with an offer. "I didn't know that my character on the show was going to be killed this season. I actually didn't find out until a week before when Courtney Kemp told me," Donshea said. "Being killed on the show feels a lot like being fired (lol) and it was weird seeing the scene play out; watching myself lie there covered in blood," Donshea said. Social media has been in a complete frenzy since the episode last aired. A Go Fund Me was created for a funeral for Raina, hashtags have flooded timelines, and fans of Power are still on the edge of their seat and in shock from the latest incident. Donshea is ecstatic that the show is so connected to so many people, and fortunate that she was able to be a part of it. Continue to look out for her on the big screen. 

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