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We Pray, Fast, and Laugh Together! #LincolnLove #LoveStory

By: Paige K. Mitchell Many of us love a good love story. Think about it, legendary films such as Beauty & the Beast, The Notebook, or Titanic didn't become classics for the awards and good acting, but more so because of the depth of the love story. Millions felt so connected to these films, that you practically felt the love shine through the big screen. Tiffany & Brandon Harris deserve to sign a movie or book deal, because they're love story has done just that, and touched the hearts of thousands! Many have witnessed their love story unfold via social media, and I personally enjoy every minute of it. Which leads me to why I felt this couple would be great to interview for a featured love story. The two love birds met during Spring Semester of 2013 on Lincoln University's campus, inside the Chapel. The two later connected at a bonfire on campus, and Brandon was truly struck by Cupid. It took a whole semester of flirting and striking up conversation with Tiffany, before he landed a date. Tiffany said, "He used corny pickup lines when we would see each other on campus. One time in the middle of trying to flirt with me he backed into this girl, and knocked her hotdog out of her hand! She cursed him out, and in his embarrassment he walked away. But he came back and tried again another day!" "Our first date was in Washington, DC at Vapianos, an Italian restaurant, followed by a walk to the White House," Brandon said. After the first date, the two were hooked! The two continued to date up until a day I'm sure they will never forget, when Brandon proposed to Tiffany on November 4, 2016. Brandon met up Tiffany in Washington, D.C. and in the middle of taking a simple walk, Brandon got down on one knee and recited a biblical scripture. "He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, and shall obtain favor from the Lord. And I found that in you," Brandon said. Teary eyed but filled with joy, Tiffany said, YES! "Tiffany got really sick while visiting me in Atlanta and I had to rush her to two emergency doctors. I knew then that my feelings for her had moved past just "boyfriend and girlfriend" That's when I knew she was the one," Brandon said. After all the excitement and stress of planning a wedding. Tiffany changed her last name on July 15, 2017. The two tied the knot and jumped the broom in Reston, Virginia. Tiffany said, "It had its challenges, transitioning from engaged to married as we tried to combine two very busy lives, but the transition from dating to engaged was pretty normal. We had moved to the same city a few months prior to our engagement, and had established our own rhythm by the time of the proposal." Tiffany and Brandon spent some of their relationship distances away. But in this case the distance made the heart fonder. Today we live in a world where traditions are starting to lose its way, and many put off getting married for hundreds of reasons/excuses. Brandon and Tiffany are both in their mid-twenties and are confident that choosing marriage was the best idea. They believe friendship, prayer, and communication is the key to living out a beautiful, strong, and healthy relationship. "The secret to our relationship is having a joint relationship with God (we pray and fast together sometimes). Try not to be so serious all of the time and have fun. (Remember to actually like your partner). Make clear what your boundaries are and what you need from each other. And maintain your own sense of identity- resentment comes when you feel like you have to change in order for someone to like you." The two collectively said. In the midst of juggling their careers, dreams, long distance, and more the dynamic duo makes it look so easy! We wish you all the best! Cheers to true love!

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