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We're you wearing this Summer's Trends, or Fashionably Late?!

FrontPaigeMe Staff: Marcus Stewart Let's Talk Summer 2017 Fashion!  Welcome back everyone! When you think of Summer, what usually comes directly to your mind?

Beaches, sunshine, vacations, cookouts? Good, those are all apart of summer time. But you CAN’T forget the biggest thing of all which is the Summer fashion! Summer looks can be chill, classy, and down right sexy! Summer is when you can wear as much or should I say as little clothes as you want, (am I right). Whether you are a woman, and want to dress to kill poolside in bikinis, or a man who wants to bring out the short shorts, Summer is the season for just that.

2017 was an interesting year for fashion which featured some of my favorite looks to date. One of my favorite that I loved this summer was the “Romp-him” trend. The Romp-him was a romper made for guys! That’s right rompers are not just for your girlfriends anymore, but for men also.! 

This was one of my favorite trends for men this season, and of course I had to join the wave by purchasing a “romp-him” myself. It was nice seeing guys step out of their comfort zone and wear these one-piece outfits that definitely made statements this year. My fellas did their thing this summer from rompers, to skinny jeans, short shorts, fitted suits, the loafers and more! It was nice seeing men not afraid to push the limits this year.  Now I can’t forget about my ladies now c’mon!

I noticed this summer the bikinis and bathing suits were more sexy and riskier than ever before,  

and that is not a bad thing at all! I loved the freedom this year and the creativity of many of the bathing suits I’ve seen and I cant remember ever seeing such bathing suits in past years.  

I attached samples of the amazing bathing suit designs that were featured this summer. Along with the bathing suits, were the huge creative sunglasses that were showcased everywhere on Twitter and Instagram, that completed the looks.  

Accessories are important in creating Summer looks and this year was no different! The bags, the jewelry, the glasses etc. are getting more and more creative and im excited to see what the future has in store. Women showed out also this summer by embracing their bodies and giving a middle finger to society and their standards and I loved every minute of it. From the risky bathing suits paired with thigh high classic heels, to the amazing dresses that complimented each figure women never cease to amaze me!  

This summer was all about the looks, and embracing your body no matter what your body type is and I noticed people being a lot more comfortable with themselves this season. I look forward to see what the next fashion breakthrough is and who will pull it off best, until then, college kids good luck, and high school kids stay in school! See you next Summer. 

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