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By: FrontPaigeMe Staff Marcus Stewart Growing up do you remember how often adults would say, “enjoy being a kid, while it lasts?” I never understood why they said that, I mean working and being able to do whatever you wanted couldn’t be that bad right? Let’s face it, getting up at 6am for school was the worst, homework sucked, and even living under your parents’ roof was horrible sometimes. How could I not want to be an adult? Trust me, now I understand. Being an adult is something no one on Earth could have prepared me for. No one can teach you “adulting 101” and it definitely does not come with a manual. You are pretty much on your own and praying you don’t get lost on the way. I’m at a stage in my life (21) where I am transitioning from childhood to adulthood. I am about to go into my senior year of college and I’m just like WOAH! Life is coming at me fast. From bills being due what it seems like every week, to working a full-time job, whilst still trying to graduate on time, life is quite overwhelming sometimes. In all reality this is the position of myself along with millions of other people who are in the same boat as me and who are pretty much lost. Most people my age and at this stage of life are “lost” or trying to find their way to make their future better than their present. If you ask me, the ultimate goal of this thing called life is to become the best you, that you can be. In a world where everyone is trying to find themselves and find their own happiness it’s important to find YOUR happiness and do what makes you happy not anyone else. I’ve learned growing up that people are not obligated to do for you, and nothing is given to you, which includes happiness. No one can give you happiness you have be happy with yourself. Being in the “lost” stage of your life it’s hard to be happy because you’re probably searching for it every day and I wish I had the answers for you but I’m lost myself. Throughout this process I hope that I can find true happiness and I am hoping to make the right decisions for me. While the decisions I make may not always be the best, at the end of the day you have to live with your choices and learn from your mistakes. No one ever said life would be easy, but man did they ever say it would be this hard?

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