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Full Time Student, Full Time Job, Full Time Dream Chaser ! #NigelMcDaniel

By: Paige K. Mitchell "School is not for me, I've never liked school. And before this opportunity with WAMO 100 I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and definitely never seen myself being an on-air Radio Personality," Nigel McDaniel said. If you don't know Nigel McDaniel, it's time to get familiar! 22 year-old Nigel is not only one of the driving forces behind the WAMO 100 brand/radio station in Pittsburgh, Pa. but he is also pushing his own podcast 'The New Wav' that is quickly doubling in viewers and subscribers on social networks. Nigel is a Penn Hills High School Alumni. After completing high school he went on to pursue his secondary education at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) and while doing so he worked several different jobs as a detailer at Ford dealership cleaning cars, and Lowes handling stock and unloading trucks. "I used to always listen to interviews and different podcasts as a hobby. It was just something I liked to do. And I remember one day my brother told me that he heard that WAMO was looking to bring some interns on board and he told me that I should apply. I hesitated a little bit because I knew that I didn't have any experience, so I contacted WAMO and I was told that I didn't need experience in order to become a part of the team. So I submitted the application to Louis Wingfield and they hired me," Nigel said. Like many young men and women, Nigel was unsure what career path he wanted to take on. He researched joining the military, and even thought about becoming an electrician. "I took a little break away from college in between my time at CCAC and decided that I wanted to transfer to another college. I applied to Clarke Atlanta University and Temple. I almost went to Temple, put some money down and everything but I decided to choose Point Park once I was accepted. I chose Point Park because I felt it was most suitable for the way things were working out with my opportunity with WAMO. And I felt I was beginning to grow here. And I am currently still a full-time student at Point Park now. Juggling career and school," Nigel said. Nigel took his internship with WAMO 100 seriously and was eager to learn. "I was dedicated. Once I started interning at WAMO I quickly realized that I liked it. Former Radio personality, Mike Jax showed me a lot. He gave me an opportunity to be a part of 'Talk About It Tuesday' and the '4 Play at 4.' I would stay overtime and would show up to the station without being on the schedule. I put the extra work in, and wanted to learn as much as I could," Nigel said. Nigel transitioned from street team intern to full-time staff in less than two years. Now handling his own on air segments on Mondays and Sundays, while also scheduled to host different events around the city on a weekly basis. Nigel recently hosted the WAMO Fest-- Lil' Wayne concert alongside his co-workers Portia Foxx and Mike Dean, in front of thousands. "Coming up I was not a social butterfly. I was not sociable in high school or the class clown or anything like that. I was pretty much to myself. So when people see me now. They're in shock (lol). I believe that once you break away from your student body you naturally evolve into who you are," Nigel said. Fun Fact: Nigel's favorite interview thus far was with social media comedian, Fat Boy SSE. Says he was nice and down to earth. Kept thanking him for taking out the time to meet with him.

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