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'BULLET' By Latia. #MusicReview

By: Paige Mitchell I was once told by an artist that singing exercises your heart, lungs, and releases endorphins; that leave you feeling oh so good. Latia Lee of E.F.B., the lyrical goddess of Pittsburgh recently dropped a new song entitled, "BULLET." And the lyrics of the song say just that... "You make me feel so good."-- Latia sings. On the song 'Bullet' Latia really allows her listeners to feel the beat while enjoying her incredible vocals and impeccable range on the track. Through the song she takes us through a night of passion, exchanged between her and a close "friend." The song so smoothly and delicately displays her musical talent. When the beat and voice collaborate, it is sure to have the ladies feeling really sexy. This one is for the ladies! Be sure to check this song out ASAP if you haven't already. Follow Latia @latia_efb. Song now available on iCloud.

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