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Teacher Who Was Attacked by Parent After School, Breaks Her Silence!

By: Paige K. Mitchell The teacher who was recently attacked by one of her student’s parents has recently broke her silence! On October 18, 2017 fourth grade teacher; Janice Watkins of Pittsburgh King PreK-8 of Pittsburgh Public Schools says she confiscated a students cell phone (abiding by school policy) and was confronted by the students parent. The parent confronted Watkins in reference to the taking of the cellular device as well as allegations that Watkins had choked her 10-year-old daughter. She says the mother was highly upset, and referenced that she would see the teacher again. Later that day after school, Watkins claims she was followed by the mother to her vehicle. The mother then threw a brick through the windshield of her car, hitting her in the head and was attacked. She says the attack felt like ‘forever.’ “It was an ambush, a fight,” Watkins said. She was rushed to the hospital. The story has made national headlines. “I’m not really afraid. I’m scared. There’s a difference,” Watkins said. Watkins recently started a GoFundMe to help her pay her medical expenses. KDKA received exclusive interview coverage for this story.  

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