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Media Magic w/ Radio Personality, Brother Marlon!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Local and National Radio Personality was recently honored at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Saturday November 11, 2017 for having a successful career in radio for 25 years! “It is truly an honor and a privilege to look back over my life, my career in radio, and how far I have come as a man, son, husband, and father. My heart is full. I had a great time,” Brother Marlon said. The day of celebration began with a V.I.P. Reception for close family and friends of Brother Marlon and then everyone joined upstairs in the sanctuary for the concert. The audience got to hear the voices of Jermaine Dolly, Jokia, Jordan Welch, JJ Hairston and more! Jokia said, “This was my first time in Pittsburgh. And nobody told me it was going to be this cold (lol). But I had a great time and the spirit was moving. Congratulations again to Brother Marlon.” Brother Marlon began his career in radio at WAMO in 1994. He hosted a variety of shows such as; Breakfast Jam, The Quiet Storm, and Club 106. In his later years, he turned his life over to Christ and changed his radio format. In 2012 he returned to WAMO to spread the gospel and in 2014 God enlarged his territory where he began his national syndicated program with the Sheridan Gospel Network. “We are proud of your hard work and accomplishments,” wife Ellise said. Brother Marlon is continuing to pave the way for radio in Pittsburgh, and with all of his accomplishments he is still not done. Brother Marlon, we appreciate you and you are truly called to be a voice.  

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