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Media Magic with Bombshell Herself, Kyshira S. Moffett!

By: Paige K. Mitchell The ultimate BOMBSHELL and #GirlBoss herself, Kyshira S. Moffet, MBA sat with me to spill all the tea about her journey of becoming the successful entrepreneur that she is today! “Sometimes you have no choice but to boss up and create your own lane,” Kyshira said. Kyshira is a woman of many trades and all things media! She is an author, Speaker, Blogger, Vlogger, owns her own cosmetics line, Brand Strategist, and more! She is a walking definition of #BookedAndBusy! “Take it from me, the time to act on that idea you have is now. The blog, write it. The business, launch it. The book, write it. The brand, showcase it. You have the power to turn those dreams into your reality,” Kyshira said. A fun Fact about Kyshira is that she is not originally from Pittsburgh, but she is from Chicago. She is also a huge fan of wrestling! This entrepreneur is one that stands for seeing others win, especially women. She believes there’s enough room for everyone to be successful and reach their purpose. But you cannot reach your full potential without putting in the work. “Research should be the first stage of all your ventures. I’ve encountered way too many lazypreneurs that rather be handed all of the answers without having to look for them themselves. Trust me. Research is key. And once you have put in the time to become knowledgeable in whatever it is that you are looking to do, you will then be on your way to becoming expert in your field of work. Trust the process, don’t rush the process,” Kyshira said. Kyshira will empower you inside and out by providing you with her knowledge, skills, and cosmetic line products ‘Life Of A Bombshell Cosmetics.’ She will have your business flourishing while your makeup is on fleek! To learn more about Kyshira and her movement follow her @Kyshira on social media! We love and appreciate all that you are doing Kyshira, and know that you are Media Magic! You are truly living life as a bombshell!

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