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Media Magic with Singer, JOKIA!

By: Paige K. Mitchell The one and only beautiful songstress, Jokia gave the approval to be ‘Front Paige News’ and allowed the opportunity for us to dig into her life and see what it’s like to be Jokia. Keep reading to get all the deets. If you are not familiar with Jokia and her music, it’s time that you get familiar! The pretty girl, who plays, the guitar, and sings about how much she loves Jesus has made her way up to #26 on the Billboard Charts. She is 29 years of age and originally from Compton and San Diego California. She decided to go straight into the military after High School. Her mother encouraged her to pursue the military because she wasn’t able to afford the immediate pursuit of college. So Jokia went, and served four years. She now has her Bachelors Degree. She officially began her musical career in 2015, but she learned to play the guitar in 2008 while in Iraq. Her album ‘Not Forgotten’ has receives much notable attention. She has been recognized for her musical influence on a local and national level, and blessed with the opportunity to travel the world in song. “The overall message from the album Not Forgotten is in the title, no matter what rejection comes, hurt, pain, sadness, fear, God has never left you and your Not Forgotten. At one point I thought I wasn't good enough to be a singer. I felt my gift was not as good as others. I thought the Lord forgot about my desires to use my gift . Crazy as that sounds,” Jokia said. It’s amazing to see her music career moving so quickly and gracefully. And she is not finished yet. She is looking to complete her masters program in counseling, and wants to look into making moves within the film industry. Jokia said, “I'm working on a new album that will speak more about coming out of depression. But I can honestly say that my attempt as suicide was unsuccessful, Thank God. I overcame it with raw real relationship with God. I still fight anxiety daily by reminding myself that I have no need to worry or Fear. God is with me. I also keep accountability, so nonnegative thoughts can remain in my mind or life. To those dealing with Depression, Anxiety, or suicide know that it's real. You are not alone and be accountable and tell someone what you are dealing with. God is with you, and know you are not strange for dealing with such oppression. Many amazing people in the Bible dealt with the same thing. God loves you, and your fears, hurts pain and etc. are defeated in Jesus Name.” Jokia is no doubt a talented musician but more importantly she is an overcomer. She overcame much adversity with strength and truth! For that, we admire you.

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