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Dave East Meet & Greet> Press Pass With Paige

By: Paige K. Mitchell The day before Thanksgiving 2017, I had the opportunity to cover the Dave East, Meet & Greet that took place in a store based in Pittsburgh called, Refresh. I received the confirmation that I was approved for Media Coverage last minute, so once I received word I changed some things on my schedule for the evening to be sure that I could attend the Meet & Greet. The event was scheduled to take place from 6-9pm. I arrived on site around 6:30. For me... this is pretty much on time. And I managed to get a great parking spot right across the street from the store so I had the luxury of staying in my car with the heat on blast until it started, or should I say when Dave East showed up... When I pulled up, I quickly realized that Dave East was nowhere to be found. Like most celebrities, he was running late or wanted to make a grand entrance. Not to mention there was a line outside the store, and it was freezing out there. I stayed inside of my car for an hour! Finally Dave East decided to go inside the Meet & Greet. Notice, I said ‘GO INSIDE’ that is because he was there for majority of the time but stayed inside of his sprinter outside of the store until he finally decided to go in. Only God knows what he was doing or what the hold up was (ugh). He goes in and I quickly decide to follow. I turn the car off, spray perfume, put on some lip gloss, and walk across the street to get inside. I am first greeted by the security guard for Dave East who gave me a hard time getting inside. I almost gave up and went home, but by the grace of God the Security Guard suddenly had a change of heart. So I proceeded inside where everyone is smoking and drinking. Dave East was super chill, and pretty much laughed and giggled at everything I said. He was dressed down in a black sweat suit but this did not stop the ladies from loving him. I couldn’t get much information out of him during the event, because I think it’s safe to say he was on cloud 9 (literally). So I collected the information that I could, took a few pictures and was back out the door. I did all this in under 30 minutes lol. Moral of the story. Dave East is super handsome (lol). So that made it worth it.  

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