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Jess Hilarious> Review.

By: Paige K. Mitchell You may recall a young woman from Baltimore that goes by the name of Jess Hilarious. On Instagram, she reports live news and celebrity gossip entitled, ‘Jess With The Mess’ and has over a million followers who tune in weekly to see what Jess has to say about the latest mess. Jess is also a part of the Wild N’ Out cast, a improv comedy show that airs on MTV. Currently, she is headlining her very own stand up comedic tour where she is traveling to ample cities to bring laughter to the room. And recently, Jess Hilarious made a Pitt stop in the Pittsburgh. She performed at the Improv in the Waterfront on Tuesday November 28, 2017 at 8:00pm. The venue was completely sold out, so much that parties had to split up and sat in different areas of the comedy club. The seating accommodations were hectic. Jess is a Steeler fan and said it was her first time in Pittsburgh, so she decided to wear a Steeler outfit with red bottom shoes. “I will definitely be back in Pittsburgh, and next time I want to catch at football game at the Steeler stadium,” Jess said. Tyler Stanton said, “Jess was so cool, humble, and down to earth.” Jess said, “There was so much love in the room. I really had fun turning up with y’all. And y’all got some crazy accents (lol).” Jess also had her boyfriend with her, and brought him out on stage where she grilled him in front of the audience.  

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