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Fight Night At Wild N’ Out Live> Press Pass With Paige.

By: Paige K. Mitchell Less than a month ago, I went to cover the Wild N’ Out Tour in Cleveland, Ohio. Wild N’ Out is the perfect name for this particular affair because thats exactly what took place. People were wilding out! (Literally) So let’s talk about it. Pick up your press pass and come with me behind stage and in VIP to see hat really happened. During the Wild N’ Out Tour Media was permitted access on the bottom floor at the foot of the stage during the show. I was surrounded by security guards and photographers as the show went on. Everything went great until around 9:30pm when Nick Cannon decided to pass the Mic to member of Wild N’ Out cast, Hit Man Holla. He is not only a member of the cast and crew, but he is also an upcoming rap artist that released a couple singles. So Nick Cannon passed him the Mic and felt that it was the perfect opportunity to let him debut his music to the audience. Hit Man Holla ended up having a mini concert. And I remember seeing a group of about six young women who were especially happy to hear and watch his performance. I mean these women knew the word to every song. Hit Man Holla noticed the young woman in the audience, who were clearly fans; so he decided to take off his hoodie and throw it into the direction of those six special ladies. The women immediately started fighting over the hoodie. One holding the sleeve while another woman had the other sleeve and another woman had the hood. I looked at the women in complete disbelief. I could not believe them. Then the security guards were instantly on it. The first security guard on the scene was a woman. And the fight lasted a good 5 minutes. Everyone knows that a fight that last for 5 minutes is a long time. I was amazed. And then all the sudden minutes later some guys started fighting on the opposite side. I had a fight going on on my left and on my right (smh). They were really wilding out! Fun Fact: Also, during the event and around the time the fights took place. A random guy in the audience made it pass security to sneak on stage to show off his Gucci outfit. He was later escorted off stage.  

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