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Hey Thrifters! Join Patrice, and Thrift Out Loud!

January 22, 2018



By: Paige K. Mitchell

Are your clothes trendy, vintage, in season, stylish, and fabulous? Are you one of those people that love to look good at all times, and don’t worry about the cost? Or maybe you’re more like me... You want to look good, but you don’t like to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so.

Champagne taste, on a Beer budget I suppose (lol).

Well I got news for you! I recently sat down with Patrice McKenzie for an interview where she gave us the scoop on her ‘Thrift Out Loud’ movement.

Patrice knows how to be trendy, vintage, and stylish while also being thrifty!

“I started thrifting because I liked it. I enjoyed the thrifting shopping experience. Then I just started blogging about shopping and the cute pieces I would find for great prices! People seemed interested and wanted to know more, so @thriftoutloud has been growing,” Patrice said.

She say she loves to shop everywhere, but the key is to shop sales and bargains. Go ahead Girl; and check out the sale rack first before you spends lots of cash (lol)!

Aside from your typical Forever 21, H&M, High End Boutiques, and etc. Patrice engages in Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, Swap Shops, and exclusive thrift/vintage stores.

This brand ambassador also has a partnership with Goodwill where she holds her ‘Dress for Less’ sessions to help those look great on a budget.

“I also have consultations and style people that need a little help. By knowing the occasion and your budget; I will assist you with finding gems and putting a special look together,” Patrice said.

For more information on @thriftoutloud, follow Patrice on social sites and check out her website at www.ThriftOutLoud.net.

Interview Fun Fact: Patrice wore a Versace two piece outfit (Blazer and Skirt) to the interview that she said she found at a high end thrift boutique for $99.00!  

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