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You’re Flawless, by Dr. Wade! #BookReview

January 30, 2018



By: Paige K. Mitchell

You’re beautiful, you’re intelligent, a gift from above. You’re flawless!

Dr. Therone Wade recently released his third published book entitled, ‘You’re Flawless’ :: For Those Who Want To Believe Correctly & Live Successfully.

Dr. Wade sees and understands the importance of self-care and diving in deep into your own mind. Flawless is a step-by-step tool that will assist you with becoming successful, mentally and emotionally that can ultimately lead into a life full of success.

After reading this book, I discovered that self reflection and meditation is extremely important as we walk through the different stages and phases of life. As we grow older and experience different experiences, the ordeals we face are meant to change us to some magnitude. But it is our decision if these life challenges we face make us bitter or better.

There are 11 chapters in this short novella, with 8 movements.

The movements are steps that readers can proceed through in order to overcome low self esteem, negative mindsets, toxic relationships, and self doubt.

For example; Dr. Wade encourages readers to avoid saying hurtful and harmful words to themselves. These negative statements will paralyze you.

‘Flawless’ is a short and easy read. I finished the entire book in two hours.

There are also pages of beautiful illustrations, handcrafted by Cindy Wilson throughout this read. The pictures are bright, defined, and uplift your spirit as you read along.

Dare to dream. Excel from your experiences. Begin and end each day on a positive note (Quoted from the book).

The book seemed to be geared towards women. However, I believe it is something we can all take something away from.  

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