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Lip Service Live with Angela Yee!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Media Legend- Icon, Angela Yee recently held her Lip Service Live Podcast; Valentine’s Day Special Tuesday February 13, 2018. The ladies of Lip Service took the stage at the Highline Ballroom in the heart of New York City, the night before the National day of love (Valentine’s Day). People packed the venue for a chance to witness girl chat at its finest with Angela Yee, Lore’l, Stephanie Santiago, and Gi Gi Maguire. Angela Yee and her girlfriends began this podcast to create an element that is completely different from The Breakfast Club or your typical interview experience. These women ask the questions guest never see coming. From romance to love making; these women get to the nitty gritty and all up in your personal business! On this edition of Lip Service Live the Ladies interviewed Amara La’ Negra & Stephanie of Love and Hip-Hop, Singer Sevyn, Girls Group- Girls Club, and Lil’ Mo and Her husband Karl Dynamite Dargan. The first to hit the stage for a live studio audience interview was Afro- Latina Amara La’ Negra. Amara touched on the new guy she’s dating currently, her past horrific dating experiences, and her close relationship with her mom. “When I was in college I went on a date with this guy that I thought was really cute. We went out to eat, and when the waitress put the bill on the table, he slid me the tab. I was young and clueless so I assumed he was testing me, so I paid. But then when he took me back home, he had the nerve to ask me for gas money! I was done,” Amara La’ Negra said. Lil’ Mo and her husband Dynamite played the Marriage Game, where Angela Yee asked the couple questions about their romance to see how well the two pay attention to each others likes and dislikes. Lil’ Mo also dropped the bomb that she wants to continue to have children even though she already has five. “It was so embarrassing talking about such personal topics in front of people, but I had fun. I’m so happy Angela Yee invited us,” Lil’ Mo said. The cast of Lip Service gave away opportunities for people in the audience to visit Up Spa, gave away a brand new memory foam mattress, gave out bottles of liquor, condoms, and had a contest with women from the audience to engage in a rap battle with the cast of the podcast. Cynthia Moble Said, “I love Lip Service. I listen to them every morning while I’m on my way to work.” At the end of the show Angela Yee, cast, and celebrity guest hung out to meet the live studio audience. But the meet and greet took a very interesting turn when a man/fan in the audience expressed his love to Lore’l and gave her a bouquet of beautiful purple roses. Lore’l was shocked, while also blushing. She posted the flowers on her Instagram thanking him. “I’m very pleased with how this live Lip Service went! Me and my girls have so much fun, and we like to have fun with our listeners too. We cut up, we improvised a lot lol, but that’s what makes the conversations so interesting,” Angela Yee said.

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