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The Black Business Advocate! #BuyBlack

By: Paige K. Mitchell Khamil Scantling, Founder Of CocoaPreneur PGH is also known as the business ‘Angel’ when it comes to how she helps Black Business owners and entrepreneurs develop. “Come get some Cocoa in your life! I’m all about highlighting Black business owners in the Greater Pittsburgh area,” Khamil said. CocoaPreneur PGH was established in 2015 by a young beautiful bright Black woman who had a desire to strive to build the Black business market within the city. The number of Black owned businesses in the United States rose to 45% to 1.2 Million, while the combined revenue increased from 25% to $88.8 billion. While one of the most powerful agents in curtailing Black youth crime in major cities is the presence of Black business owners. Research proves that the presence of Black business owners positively effects and impacts their communities. “The face of Black & Brown businesses is crucial. Especially at a time such as this. I personally feel that everyone should pursue some level of entrepreneurship. I am a business advocate for nonprofits, for profit, and those who are literally just getting starting with their entrepreneurial journey,” Khamil said. With the help of CocoaPreneur PGH they assist in many magnitudes while also acting as a bridge that will connect and lead you to all the necessary places and steps in order to be successful. “Crowd Funding Friday has also been a great tool that I would encourage people to be a part of and to connect with me to learn about available funding options,” Khamil said. CocoaPreneur PGH has already impacted Aliya Wrays Beauty Parlor, Big Rock & R.A.C. Cleaning, TDC Contracting LLC, 8th Ave Cafe, Carmi Restaurant, Femi, and more. For more information about CocoaPreneur PGH Follow on Instagram.  

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