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Angela Yee Book Club Review!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Tuesday July 10, 2018 Angela Yee held another one of her infamous book club meetings at Wood Stack IVY in Brooklyn, New York. Attendees started to filter in around 6:00PM for drinks, appetizers, and good conversation. Angela Yee holds a series of ‘Kickin It From The Stoop’ book club meetings every year where she highlights different authors from around the nation. Over the past few months the book club has featured Tiffany Haddish’s book ‘The Last Black Unicorn’ and ‘Black Girls Rock’ by Beverly Bond. On this night, her and her team decided to highlight Rob Hill Sr. Rob is the author of ‘The Missing Piece.’ And in his newest books he discusses love & relationships while dropping some heartfelt quotes along the way. “I know how much people enjoy his quotes, his words, his advice, and his messaging,” Angela Yee said. Rob Hill Sr. was joined on the stoop by other authors, Tasha Hilton, Tony Forte, and of course Miss Angela Yee herself. People began to take their seats around 7:00PM for the excerpt reading and discussion. “This isn’t your typical book club. We discuss everything from politics, relationships, gender roles, Hip Hop, laws, and more,” Author Tasha a Hilton said. Rob Hill Sr. said, “Last night was special. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me. And a very special shout out goes out to my friend, Angela Yee for having me.” A few quotes Rob Hill Sr. recited to the audience were; Effort is a reflection of interest... And you don’t need permission or approval from anyone. You only need to trust yourself. During the book club meeting attendees and authors had the opportunity to mix & mingle with each other while also having the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Rob Hill Sr. sold out of all his copies during the event.  

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