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Media Magic with Carlton Speaks!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Carlton ‘Carlton Speaks’ Falconer is a young Black man that speaks to the souls of many through the use of Christian blogging platform. “The support I have received from people is so unique. I didn’t know how I would be received when I first decided to start this journey. But I am overwhelmed by the support, and have only been blogging for a year. Even though I didn’t take 1st as ‘Best Blogger’ but placing 3rd is worth celebrating,” Mr. Falconer said. Carlton Speaks is not only a Christian Blogger but also a Life Coach, Women Empowerment Advocate, 2018 NAACP Image Award Recipient, Admissions Advisor for Argosy Univeristy, and newly ordained minister. The Blog was born while Mr. Falconer was on 6-week bed rest after encountering a severe knee injury during a game of basketball with friends. “I believe my knee surgery was God’s way of slowing me down and getting my attention. And after some thinking and prayer, I launched my blog,” Mr. Falconer said. Being as though Mr. Falconer is a young Black man, we wanted to take the time to dive into the details of what made him so devoted to following Christ. Mr. Falconer said, “I always believed in God. Attended church throughout my life with my grandmother. However, my relationship with God truly manifested itself while I was in college at LaRoche. Coach Scott Lang recruited me to play for the college basketball team, and we would pray before and after practices and games. While also reading scriptures. And this strongly impacted my life where I found myself praying and reading before bed.” Mr. Falconer’s love for God and people is the foundation of everything he does, and why the people have supported his movement. He has worked with a variety of people throughout Pittsburgh and other cities. In the fast pace world of social media, it’s easy to drown in the chaos and negativity. CARLTON tends to SPEAK to the hearts, minds, and souls through his motivational messages! “I’m so grateful and I know that there is so much more to come,” Mr. Falconer said.

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