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Respect The House! #HA2 #HBCUPride

By: Paige Mitchell 

On April 5, 2019 a variety of historically Black colleges/universities (H.B.C.U.) dance teams competed for the ‘Family Feud’ title at Alabama State University! 400+ filled the venue to witness the effortless combination of rhythm, movement, and sound. So you think you can jam...? Front Paige News had the opportunity to speak with a member of the House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team Inc. Dance member Ebone Grant said, “HA2 CDT Inc. has a total of 14 chapters, Family Feud is one of many of the family oriented things we do, especially when I was an active member in college. I’m not sure how it was before me, but while in college, to my knowledge, it has always been hosted at Clark Atlanta University, that’s we’re chapter 10 is located, the president at the time would send a theme for the competition to each chapter who were competing for the first place title, only HA2 members can compete, because it is supposed to be a friendly family feud competition. I would say maybe, three or four years ago HA2 made it consistent for the first place chapter to host and not to compete. As I learned by asking legendary members who came before me, to show the growth of the organization is brilliant, I would say.” Brilliant indeed, as this nationally Known dancing sensation has been in existence for over ten years, after originating in Chicago, IL. Still standing as one of #HornetNations most prominent campus organizations. “The entire show for this year was consistently filled with highlights, from the friendly shade, the revealing of the newest ASU chapter 8 members, the tribute to one of ASU’s great legendary professors, Kavin Grant, to the “old heads” performing and still having it, just to say less, the love for dance was in the room,” Ebone said. The atmosphere was overwhelmed by extreme talent! So much so, I’m sure it was a challenge to select the winner. The winners were decided by a variety of individuals in the arts; Brian Martin, Shameeka Ann, Gareith Swanigan, and Duron Benifield. points were based on performance, creativity, crowd reaction, encompassing the theme, and time. Ebone said, “My favorite part about this event was the entire event. Reuniting with my dance family and friends, meeting new people from different chapters, the best weekends are HA2 weekends! Picture a group off dancers, dancing everywhere they go,” Ebone continued, “Dance and music means everything to me, it is truly my life, growing up listening and dancing to music in my country home town, Hayneville AL, I mean we partied every week, Literally! My mom would play her record player, tape player to CD player every day. I need to find a way to get back into loving music and dancing like I use to growing up. I feel like I have more potential than I give  myself credit for. But I have something I’m working on only time will tell.” Whoever missed the show, truly missed out! However, there are more to come. The next dance competition is scheduled to take place in Atlanta, GA. The dance team spoke about how they wanted to showcase their talent and how much the organization has grown, and we at Front Paige News feel that the mission was complete.  

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