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Media Magic with the Six Figure Spa Chick!

July 3, 2019






Story Title: Conversations With Candace Holyfield, The Six Figure Spa Chick.
Written By: Paige Mitchell (IG: @ FrontPaigeMe)

What is one thing millions of women have in common? What industry do women spend tons of money, in effort for self care and beauty? If you guessed the beauty industry, you are correct!

According to a recent study conducted by PEOPLE Magazine, they stated that the average woman woman spends a minimum of $15,000.00 on the beauty industry in a lifetime.

It’s no secret that women are on board with paying their coins for the right services. Which is why retired massage therapist, Candace Holyfield saw a need to take spa and beauty professionals to the next level.

“I live, eat, breathe marketing and strategic planning for those in the spa industry. They don’t call me the ‘Spa Queen’ for no reason! I help people open and operate successful businesses across the country,” Candace Holyfield said.

There are plenty of marketing firms available, but what makes her business different is the fact that she only works with the spa professionals.

After years of individual and professional growth, she has grown the spa boss tribe into a community of over 500. Candace created over 30 e books that are readily available to those looking for guidance and education in this realm. She built a solid foundation of business between her hometown Memphis and Atlanta.

Customers can take advantage of spa classes, spa parties, massages, and more through her business community. While she is also taking care of the celebrities through the 24- hour celebrity V.I.P. mobile service.

Her celebrity clients; such as Cease from Black Ink Crew has been extremely supportive of Candace and becoming a regular customer who takes advantage of the five star spa treatment. Also recognized in American Spa Magazine, the mother of 3 and currently engaged Spa Queen has had an impeccable journey -but- says she is far from finished.

During the interview Candace reflected on the time she was financially struggling and caught Uber to events with an empty bank account but a heart on overflow in hopes that she would secure clients, and now she is the official Six Figure Spa Chick!  




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