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I started writing around 12 years old, using my spare time to write in my diary and making up fictional stories that I would read to my younger brother. My love for writing never stopped, which is why I later went on to pursue secondary education at HBCU Lincoln University. I graduated with a double degree in mass communications with a focus in print and broadcast journalism.


Since graduating from college I have worked tirelessly up the media totem pole. Began as an unpaid intern, transitioned into becoming a freelance writer, to being promoted as the Field Reporter for a newspaper in my hometown, Pittsburgh.


I have also been blessed to be an author of two books, produced my own local television show on PCTV, and have had exposure with my writing on a national and local level. I've had opportunities to work with large spectrums of people, and I'm looking forward to working with you next! Collaborate with us and let us FRONT PAIGE YOU!

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