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Gospel Artist, Travis Malloy Releases R&B Album

Well-known gospel artist, Travis Malloy has been a singing sensation for ten years. His remarkable voice has led the choir at one of Pittsburgh’s largest Baptist churches, Mount Ararat Baptist Church.

Fans, church members, family, and friends have witnessed his career catapult over the years. As a gospel artist he has the opportunity to work with big name artist such as; Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond.

Travis has had an impeccable career as an artist that touches lives through spreading the love of music, and to launch his career even more he has relocated to Atlanta.

To date, Travis has released his first R&B album entitled, “Love Languages” was released on his birthday November 21, 2016.

Travis said, “Took me ten years to accept that I couldn’t please everybody at the same time. So what ; makes this birthday and this album so special, is because for the first time I did what I wanted to do without being a slave to a million different opinions of what “they” want me to do and be. This project is symbolic of being free today. I took every musical inspiration in my life, and put it in one album; R. Kelly, Tank, Tyrese, Eric Dawkins, The Underdogs, The Corna Boyz, Omarion, 112, Next, Jodeci, Jagged Edge, Blackstreet, Charlie Wilson, J. Moss, and John P. Kee.”

He decided to title the album “Love Languages” because he believes love is important in life and in every relationship.

“During the creative process, I learned a lot about ‘Love Languages’ and how valuable they are in every relationship. I really want everyone to support this project. This project is what real R&B is to me,” Travis said.

Travis doesn’t fans to disconnect from his music career due to his musical transition. He views himself as an overall music artist that will continue to sing about love, and provide music that is good for the heart and soul.

“To some, the lyrics may be too simple; to others they’re too deep. For some; it may have too much auto tune, for others not enough. To some; it’ll be too old school; for others it may be right on time. And last but not least: “I thought he was a gospel singer.” Travis said.

The singer, songwriter, and producer has had the opportunity to also collaborate with famous artists, Charlie Wilson, Kelly Price, and Stevie J. He has also been a Grammy Association Honoree, and ASCAP Award Winner.

Travis said, “Thank you to everybody who showed me love and supported the album. We peaked at #33 on the R&B ITunes Charts. And I was able to do that with no label, or mass marketing budget. I’m so grateful. Thank you. This is just the beginning.”

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