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Avant Concert

American singer and songwriter, Avant recently hit the stage in Pittsburgh at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum on Saturday November 12, 2016.

“It’s been 16 years in the game, and I’m just happy to be here. Ya’ dig. Music is a beautiful thing, and one of those things that is forever changing. I love producing real music, and music that’s about people’s lives. Songs like ‘Read Your Mind’ and ‘Separated’ real life happenings that people been through,” Avant said.

Avant, R&B musical sensation been in the music industry for 16 years, and also been seen in films such as Barbershop and Back in Business. The R&B soulful singer performed many hits during the concert, Separated, First Love, Read Your Mind, and more.

“I write all my music, and around the time ‘Separated’ came out my heart was broken. And I remember going to my manager asking him if I should do the song, and he told me yeah because people need to hear that. So I went through with it, laid my heart on the track and the record did pretty good,” Avant said.

“I love kicking at the Homewood Coliseum, cabaret style. It is so much fun. Me and my family had a ball. I was up on my feet all night,” said Nettie Johnson.

Pittsburgh based dancer and choreographer, Sharnell Younger opened up for the headliner, Avant.

Sharnell Younger said, “Avant is super cool and so doen to earth. Before my performance I got to kick it backstage with him. He was nice and motivating. I enjoyed my performance, and the energy from the crowd was amazing.”

Avant worked with many well-known musicians throughout his career. He has collaborated on records with Kelly Rowland, KeKe Wyatt, and Snoop Dog.

He also has new music out, after dropping his latest album September 25, 2016 entitled The VIII with hit song ‘Special.’

Avant said, “Music has been a smooth transition for me, and with me being a writer it makes it easier for me. The most important part of music is the substance. It has to have substance. And it’s also about finding your audience and those who are going to support your music. My love is really invested in this music thing. Music gives us a voice.”

Concert attendee Tevin Williamson said, “Avant is really all about his fans. He seems to be a good guy that produces good music. Me and my lady had a real nice time.”

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