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Press Pass w/ Paige- Paradise or Police Patrol? Jamaica Trip…

During the summer of 2016, one of my best friends planned a birthday trip in Negril, Jamaica. This was clearly a big birthday for her, so she wanted to do it BIG! I get it. All of my friends make their birthdays a pretty big deal, but to do it BIG you need a BIG bank account… which was why I almost didn’t go lol. I was not balling at the time guys.

However, long story short I led my friend to think that I wasn’t coming along on the trip for months. But I was secretly planning to attend, and no one was aware that I was going to make this surprise pop-up, except my cousin.

So I move forward with the plan. Purchasing my plan tickets, and arranging car service. While doing all of this right under her nose. She had no idea that I was planning to come along for the vacation of the year, but I had to be there for my friend. The trip finally arrives, and everything goes smoothly. I surprise her, and was very shocked and happy! I was excited to be there as well, and was ready to turn up. But there was one small detail I overlooked while planning this big surprise.

I had actually just traveled out of the country to Jamaica ‘The Land of Paradise’ to a private resort where I had to sneak in. I booked everything but a room on this resort. I just assumed that I was going to stay with my friends, and never thought twice about booking a hotel. Everyone on the resort had to wear a purple wristbands during their stay, so that staff knew that they were allowed on the premises. Of course I had no wristband.

I was a little nervous to be on the property but I was confident that I would be fine. The second day on the resort, I was caught red handed. It was so embarrassing. They noticed that I had no wristband and escorted me to the main lobby of the hotel with the hotel security guards. They made me stay in the lobby, and would not let me out of their sight until they got to the bottom of it. I had to prove that I was a paying customer of the private resort or I would have to leave.

I had to think quickly. What was a girl to do? I knew they didn’t have me in their data base. So I panicked and told them my friend’s name, and advised them that I must had lost my wristband in the hotel room. Thinking that this would be a good excuse and they would let me go, they didn’t. The security then escorted me to the room to look for the band and made me show them my passport (which was my friends) I felt like I was in jail, with no lawyer present. I was surrounded by hotel security for an entire hour. Treated as if I was some sort of common criminal. I tried every trick in the book to get away but it didn’t work.

Hotel management demanded that I pay $300.00 for a new wristband. Wouldn’t even budge on giving me a discount. I first decided to pay with my credit card, forgetting that I was pretending to be my friend. This became another issue, because they wanted to know who ‘Paige’ was. So I was forced to use all my cash. They wouldn’t even allow me to use the ATM Machine alone. I then paid for the wristband, got to stay on the resort with my friends, and managed to not get any of us in trouble. I know Jamaica is known for being the land of Paradise, but I didn’t experience that. I got police patrol lol.

What a trip to remember?!

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