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'Young Black Pittsburgh' Book Coming Soon Featuring A Group of Young Black Professionals.

'Young Black Professionals' (#YNGBLKPGH) was a project put together by Brian Burley, whom stands as the Author and Curator of the entire movement. Simply put, he's the man with the plan!

Mr. Burley saw the need to spotlight the world of young Black professionals within the city of Pittsburgh, highlighting their career journey, impact, and influence.

Mr. Burley gathered a group of extraordinary impactful individuals, and blessed them with the platform to tell their stories. With the use of these heartfelt stories/letters, Mr. Burley will collectively place each letter together to create a book! A form of storytelling that is guaranteed to elevate and bring about change.

#YNGBLKPGH will be the blueprint that will inspire those to chase their dreams and success.

"Too many times the phrase "young Black Pittsburgh" has been met with scowls and ruffled brows. It is time to revamp this narrative. The time has come for Pittsburgh's Culture of Black Excellence to reveal its face, like a super her revealing his/her mask...not for the news media, but for future generations," Mr. Burley said.

So be sure to be on the lookout for the #YNGBLKPGH movement, and pick up the book! This book is preparing to change evolve Pittsburgh Black Excellence!

Also, check out the website www.

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