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#LackOfWorries Movement.

You may be familiar with these well-known hashtags on social media, and if not you will be now. #LackOfWorries and #LivingInFearlessEfforts have taken the internet by storm. Athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, celebrities, and more have embraced the hashtag and its meaning.

KJ Myers started a movement entitled, “Low Life.” Low Life is an acronym for hashtags #LackofWorries and #LivingInFearlessEfforts.

Myers said, “In 2013, I hit my lowest point due to Life, College, Love, being 12 hours away from my immediate family, and the stress of college football. This idea ”Low Life” came about during this period of my life and the red balloon logo symbolizes letting go of any worries, fear, negativity, insecurities, doubts, past, or anything slowing down your life process. Just let it go, right up to God. I began practicing this daily, on a consistent basis, and it brought me back up from my low point; after applying and telling myself “Lack of Worries,” and now is it a natural reaction for me.”

Low Life Culture mission is to inspire and empower others toward self-improvement and to cultivate self-improvement and (or) athletic success through empowering each individual to live life positively fearless and worry free.

Myers is currently based in Jacksonville, Florida and is working alone to push the “Low Life” brand.

“Low Life” has been spreading across the nation like wild fire. Some have even had “Low Life” and the balloon tattooed on them in support of the movement. Myers says this level of support warms his heart.

“The fact that God has blessed me with another day to grow myself, Low Life, and the Low Life Culture keeps me inspired each day,” Myers said.

Myers is continuing to spread positive vibes in every way that he can. The Low Life brand ambassador and Founder also takes on opportunities to be a keynote/ motivational speaker while also working on his upcoming Daily Devotional book entitled, ‘The Lowly Athlete.’

Myers already has over 30,000 supporters on Instagram and only looking to expand more and more!

For more information and updates on KJ Myers be sure to follow him @thelowlifeculture.

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