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Paige Mitchell Sits with City of Pittsburgh Mayor, Bill Peduto After Winning Endorsement.

The Allegheny County Democratic Committee met over the weekend (first weekend of March 2017) to endorse for the local races in 2017. City of Pittsburgh Mayor, Bill Peduto came out victorious by winning the endorsement against City Councilwoman Darlene Harris. According to the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette Peduto won 372 to 245.

This was also Peduto’s first time winning the committee endorsement.

Peduto says that he is truly humbled by the win.

While sitting with the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Peduto touched on a few other topics affecting the city. Peduto touched on the recent water advisory, Learn & Earn Program for Pittsburgh Public School Students, and the city budget.

Recently, in February 2017 Peduto lifted the boil-water advisory that was issued to 100,000 residents/customers – hospitals, schools, and restaurants. With the use of the ‘Learn & Earn’ program implemented for Pittsburgh Public School students. Peduto talks about much he enjoys the program and partnerships with different companies /businesses.

Mayor Peduto says, “Last summer we were able to help 16,000 students find work placement through Learn & Earn.”

The Mayor says $539.3 million to run Pittsburgh effectively in 2017. This plan will provide a solid foundation to the city’s future, and puts on a long-term path to fiscal sustainability.

“I want to keep Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. I want to enhance it, not substitute. It has to be Pittsburgh for all,” Mayor Peduto said.

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