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Art Teacher Denielle DeSantis' Art Work; a Hit in the City of Pittsburgh.

Title: Art Teacher's Art Work, a Hit in the City of Pittsburgh.

Denielle DeSantis, a High School art teacher out of Franklin Regional school in Murrysville has been the talk of the town since Club Spirit's recent 'Pancakes and Booze' art show.

"It wasn't originally my dream, but making a different through art was. In whatever way. I have recently been working on my balance between teaching and my art business, but when I am at my teaching job, I am focused 100% on those kids and their progress," Ms. DeSantis said.

The art show happened Saturday April 1, 2017 where hundreds of people came out to enjoy an art exhibit in a fun and unique way.

Ms. DeSantis was the talk of the event, and word on her artistic skills have spilled out into the streets of the city.

During the art show she displayed her talents by creating a live piece of legendary rap artist, Biggie Smalls during the night. had the opportunity to catch up with Ms. DeSantis since the event to learn more about her journey as an artist.

"It's funny because I have been involved in art industries all my life. Art, music (I played the clarinet), and dance! I began dancing when I was 3 and danced competitively until I graduated HS. I almost made a career out of it. In fact, people I knew from the dance world are constantly asking me why I never did anything with my dance talents. Honestly, I wanted to move on to a different type of artistry I could excel in. So I chose fine arts/graphics. When I was in 5th grade, my art teacher (Diane Lally), inspired me to continue taking art classes. I painted my own rendition of the Beatles "Yellow Submarine" in honor of my dad, who adored John Lennon. That's when I knew I loved art. In fact, that piece was buried with my dad when he passed away in high school," Ms. DeSantis said.

She explained that she has not been able to keep any of the masterpieces she has created. While also explains that a typical 30x40 inch piece usually takes her about 3-4 hours to complete.

Ms. DeSantis said, "Music is the root of all of my inspiration, which comes from my dad. He is my muse for many of my paintings. In fact, I'll be creating a series of artworks that are inspired by his life, interests, and memories. Music is always being played when I create art because I think it elevates me. Recently, I have been creating street-style artwork honoring many music icons."

" I still can't believe when people buy my art. I am so humbled by their interest in my work," Ms. DeSantis said.

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