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Jesse Jackson is thinking about shutting Facebook down for 30 days due to the Steve Stephens inciden

Jesse Jackson civil rights activist is calling a live moratorium, because of the recent ‘Steve Stephens’ incident. He wants to shut down Facebook live because of 74-year old Robert Goodwin’s death at the hands of the infamous ‘Steve Stephens’ who uploaded the video to Facebook for millions of people to see. In order for Jesse Jackson to shut don’t Facebook live he has to have people to support him, and his actions in order to shut it down. Facebook headquarters has to approve this before the plan of shutting it down moves forward.

The moratorium is an opportunity for law enforcement, civil rights advocate’s tech companies, and elected officials. The fact is, Stephens wasn’t “live” when he did his action, he recorded the video on his phone and uploaded the video from his phone onto his Facebook account. In my opinion there shouldn’t be a reason for Jesse Jackson’s idea. If we didn’t do it then he shouldn’t take his anger or his action on us because of what Steve Stephens did. Then Facebook shouldn’t be shut down for 30 days or ban Facebook live.

Jesse Jackson and cook county commissioner Richard Boykin and Chicago activist Father Michael Pfleger all stood in front of Facebook’s Chicago offices making the request known they’re hopes to seeking a meeting about it. They are asking for an immediate shut down and also because Stephens used a tool to announced that he killed several other people and said he was going to kill more. Boykin told Chicago’s ABC 7 the temporary shutdown isn’t a punishment but rather a chance for social media giant to quickly disarm those who is using the tool to promote disturbing images.

I agree with them about the disturbing images and upon other things. Goodwin, a father of 10 and a grandfather of 14 was sadly removed from his family. It took nearly two hours for Stephens account to be disabled after his offense.

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