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Official Book Release News! ‘The Lady In Me’ By Renee Boswell.

Do you enjoy long drives or walks? Do you enjoy peaceful serene environments, watching the sun set, or setting your eyes upon the ocean shore? Well you will definitely enjoy taking a poetic journey with new author, Renee Boswell.

Renee Boswell recently released her first book entitled, ‘The Lady In Me’ Wednesday May 3, 2017. Her launch event took place at Savoy restaurant and lounge located in Pittsburgh.

“I began writing at the age of 12. I write from my heart, while also seeing and listening to the spirit within my soul,” Author Ms. Boswell said.

Her poetry speaks on topics such as love, hurt, joy, pain, and more! Patience, kindness, understanding, and hope radiates from her book.

Ms. Boswell said, “Knowing happiness is being grateful for each breath, moment, and memory that brings us joy, friendship, and love; to understand that our happiness is living in the now.”

This book is a collection of poems that were born in the heart of Ms. Boswell and she decided to bless family, friends, and the world with her talents and willingness to be transparent by taking us along through her journey of life through her poetic style.

To support this author and purchase her book, follow her on Facebook @Renee Boswell for more information.

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