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Boycott Takes Action Against Popular Pittsburgh Bar, The Flats.

May 9, 2017



A video recently surfaced depicting an alleged officer who seemed to be involved with an altercation involving a Black male on the South Side during the weekend of May 5th through the 7th of 2017.


A video was immediately posted to Twitter from an account ran by Damian J. Trott which appears to show two officers who come off quite aggressive. The incident was said to had taken place on Carson Street near popular Pittsburgh bar, The Flats.


A police criminal complaint describes that an incident took place Sunday where an employee at The Flats stated that he had been threatened with a gun outside of the bar. The suspect later was described as Nathan Stanley III. An employee at The Flats claimed that Stanley III threatened to use a gun while making threatening remarks; quote: “I will shoot y’all up.” Allegedly Stanley III later directed more threats toward Officer Raymond Toomey, resisted arrest, and attempted to choke Officer Toomey. A second police later showed up at the scene to assist Officer Toomey with the arrest of Stanley III; according to KDKA news.


Officer Toomey claims he feared Stanley III and felt that he was trying to reach for his waistband to have access to his weapon.


However, some tend to have a different opinion on what took place which is why some have began to raise awareness about Boycotting The Flats via social media. Will You boycott? Did you see the video?  What are your thoughts?


This incident is still under investigation and witnessing are asked to contact the City of Pittsburgh Office of Municipal Investigation.

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