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Feature Story: Mike Dean Speaks!

Let’s talk about Pittsburgh’s very own On-Air Radio Personality, Party Host Phenomenon, World’s Greatest Party Promoter, and City Wide well-known DJ; Mike Dean! 

Mike Dean discovered his love for the music industry and his natural talent for talking; at a young age. Many are surprised to know that he is an only child. 

Mike Dean said, “I love what I do but I still feel as though I want to do more. I love to have fun and crack jokes, but I seriously appreciate where I am and all of the blessings. I stay humble because I realize at any given moment all of this could be gone.” 

In his early years he attended Perry Traditional Academy, and later pursued his secondary education at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He began cultivating his talent on his college campus as a Radio Personality/ DJ on WFSE 88.9FM (the campus radio station). This led him to embark on an opportunity to intern with his hometown radio station WAMO 106.7FM, where he was offered an internship opportunity during his final semester of college. After attaining his college degree in 2002, he was hired to WAMO 106.7FM staff as Board Operator. 

The Dean’s work ethic and passion for music quickly landed him a promotion to becoming an On-Air Radio Personality with WAMO, this opportunity was the official start of his career within the media realm. 

Mike Dean said, “One of my favorite and most memorable career moments and celebrity interviews was when I interviewed Timbaland. Timbaland randomly showed up looking to do an interview with WAMO 100FM to promote one of his new artist. This interview stood out because I was unprepared because we didn’t know he was coming. Timbaland was a really laid back guy, and the interview went well.” 

Unfortunately, WAMO 106.7FM went off the air for four years, which left the WAMO staff to seek other job opportunities. Mike Dean began working full-time with PNC during this time. 

“People look at my lifestyle, and believe that I’m rich and living this celebrity lifestyle, but the fact is that I am out here trying to make it like everyone else. I was employed through PNC while WAMO was gone. While also trying to figure out my next move, and what I wanted to do with my life moving forward,” Mike Dean said. I’m sure you can imagine how busy Mike Dean is, but on top of everything else he has going on, he is undergoing the process of the #TheTransformationOfMikeDean where he gives his friends, family, and listeners an inside look at his 5:00am work-out routines and strict diet. 

“It’s a funny story because I never disliked being chubby. I was always the cool chubby guy, and girls still liked me. I decided to start taking exercising seriously after I was fired from PNC Bank. I would sometimes work out here and there but it was difficult to live a healthy lifestyle working at PNC by day and WAMO by night. When PNC let me go, I decided that there were no more excuses. I started to workout in June of 2016, and decided to take on the challenge of losing 20 pounds in 42 days. I’ve been committed to working out ever since, I continued once the challenge was over. I’ve lost 35-40 lbs.” Mike Dean said. 

“People often associate me with being the party guy, and I am; but it comes with the profession. Some weekends I rather kick it in the house and fall asleep on the couch. And I do see myself being a family man in the future.” Mike Dean is single and mingling but he admitted that he is interested in walking down the aisle and having children of his own one day. 

The Dean says he feels so thankful and blessed for where he is today. 

“One of my favorite quotes are, DON’T BE AVERAGE! This keeps me driven to be the best guy I can be every day. Every day and every year I want to continue to get better and better,” Mike Dean said. 

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