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Fat Boy, Class Clown to Social Media Star!

 I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Instagram social media star, Fat Boy!   Fat Boy currently stands at 2 million followers on Instagram. Every photo and(or) video he posts instantly reaches millions, while also receiving thousands of likes and views. Fat Boy said, "Growing up I was always the class clown coming up in school. I was the typical fat, funny, hood n***** I kind of fell into producing the funny online videos. But I'm glad it happened because the Internet is everything right now, and I want to eventually take it over." Fat Boy is such a sincere young man and has so many things that he is currently in the works of implementing in order to expand his career. "I want to start my 'Fat Boy Cares' organization. This organization is going to be shelter homes that will help the people. I wanna do mad s*** but giving back is real important to me. I don't even consider my following "fans" they not my fans, their my supporters. And I support the people," Fat Boy said. He said he is preparing to be in a movie called, "Bomb Pizza" talked about his music, hosting different events on a national scale, but by surprise he does not wish to become a stand up comedian. However he does look up to all the raw comedians such as Richard Pryor and Mike Epps. When asked, if he could choose anyone to make a funny video with, he said Ashanti. He mentioned that he wants to create a funny IG video with her. Fat Boy came to Pittsburgh in support of the recent Antoine Brown Softball Game. "Man I love Pittsburgh. I really rock with y'all. I'll be back," Fat Boy said. It was such a pleasure to meet Fat Boy and we see big things for him and his career.

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