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Music Review: 'Nobody Else' By Law Lucas.

Young, fresh, talented rap artist Law Lucas (@lawlucas_) recently dropped some heat that the females are loving right now! His song entitled, "Nobody Else" was released on SoundCloud in July 2017. You may recognize @lawlucas from his previous song "Greenlights" which is available on YouTube where you can watch the music visual. "Nobody Else" is available for downloads and streaming. Music visual for this release is on the way. @lawlucas_ is pushing hard to spread his lyrical talents with the world, and he wants you to stop what your doing and check him out. One of his highlights is that he circulates his music around positivity, and isn't afraid to leave his heart on the track. Here are a few of his lyrics in "Nobody Else." 'You Beyoncé, I can be your Sean Carter. We can go and grab the bag if we work harder. I ain't trying to meet nobody else. If it ain't you, I'm by myself. ' The song was produced by B Eazy. For more updates about this artist and to hear his music, be sure to follow him.

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