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From Friendship to Forever! #ComansRomance

By: Paige K. Mitchell Dontae & Ashley Comans are a young-fresh outgoing couple, that chase dreams, good times, and success together! Who knew AOL Instant Messenger was the way to meet 'Bae' before EHarmony and Tender came along (lol)? Because that is exactly where the Comans romance began. To learn more about this love story, grab your popcorn and keep reading... They started off as strictly friends while the two were in college. They connected on AOL Instant Messenger, and would often hang together on campus because Ashley was roommates with Dontae's friend. They shared many laughs and memories together during their college experience, but that was as far as it went. Besides, Ashley had a boyfriend at the time. The two managed to stay in touch after college graduation. "I was working at T Mobile in Monroeville at the time, I remember. Ashley and I would kick it. We would just hang out, and watch Martin. She was cool. She was the homie," Dontae said. The two continued to be friends even while the two were single. Until one day Cupid and his bow and arrow came along, and Ashley started to see Dontae differently. Ashley said," I think I started to like Dontae first, but the crazy thing is... I didn't want to like him. Since we were friends for so long, I knew so much about him. But I couldn't help it, and the feelings I had developed for him. Things took an interesting turn when one of my best friends called Donate on Christmas and said-- 'The only thing Ashley really wants for Christmas is you.' That's pretty much where it all officially started." Dontae brought Ashley her Christmas gifts, they had a conversation about making their relationship official, and Christmas became their anniversary. The two dated for 5 1/2 years before Dontae got on one knee. "I proposed to Ashley on her birthday. I remember like it was yesterday. There was a Mayweather fight on that day. I took a couple shots before I proposed. I was nervous. I had to anxiously wait for the right moment. I felt like I was putting on a production. And when the moment came, I got on one knee and said-- 'We been living life as halfs, and I want you to be my whole' Ashley's eyes filled with tears and responded YES," Dontae said. Surprisingly, Donate picked the ring all by himself! He received no help from family and friends. Isn't that a shocker ladies?! A year later the two tied the knot and jumped the broom. "My favorite part of the wedding was walking down the aisle. I didn't cry. I didn't cry because I had never felt so sure about something in my entire life," Ashley said. "My most memorable moment of the big day was when my mother and I got our pins of my grandmother, who passed. My mom cried when she seen it. It was important that she was apart of our wedding," Dontae said. The two were so excited and confident about their union. So much that, Dontae took an hour nap right before the wedding. Crazy right?  Dontae says that the thing that he likes most about Ashley is her drive. Ashley mentioned that she loves that her husband always makes her laugh. This couple is definitely one that anyone would love to hang around. Positive vibes and laughs all day long! Cheers to Love! Fun Fact: Donate is the chef in the relationship. He Cooks dinner practically everyday for his wife. Ashley has a blog (Renee Around The Way) and was recently elected School Board Director for Wilkinsburg.  

Photo Credit: Photographer; Mecca Gamble. 

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