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How to Help Those Affected by the Hurricanes!

By: Paige K. Mitchell Over the past few weeks, millions of us have witnessed-- some having first row seats to the catastrophic recent occurrences. From the Eclipse to Earthquakes, Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma, we have truly witnessed jaw dropping history. Currently, Hurricane Irma is still making its rounds. As we speak, Irma is making her presence known in Georgia. The devastation of the abrupt natural causes, has placed many civilians in danger. Millions are suffering the loss of everything. Many lost their electricity, homes, vehicles, places of employment, neighborhoods, schools, shopping marts, gas stations, boats, and more! Could you imagine? What would you do if you were a resident of Houston, Texas who lost everything and is now living in a shelter? I'm sure this is a hard thing to wrap your head around. But I believe the people who faced the heart of the storm and came out alive did not lose everything. They didn't lose everything, because they are still here. They still have their lives. Material things and resources can be replaced. And it is the world's job to stand up and help. Here is how you can donate and(or) volunteer. Pledge an amount of your choice to the American Red Cross online, phone, or mail. 1-800-HELP-NOW. Address: PO Box 37839 Brooke, IA 50037-0839. Donate or become a part of the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund. To date, they raised $29.05 million. Visit their website at Connect with you your local Salvation Army. You can also look into 'You Caring' donation page established by Houston NFL Texan, defensive end J.J. Watt. He collected $200K in less than two hours. Find out how you can help. Be a light!  

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